Level I PEARL-Certified Technician

Eligibility Criteria for Taking the Level I Test

Level l PEARL Certification is designed to demonstrate competency at the entry and basic working level. More specifically, Level I certification implies competence in the knowledge and skills required to perform the Essential Duties of an entry-level PEARL-certified technician. A Level I technician should, under the supervision of a higher-level technician, be able to work safety on electrical power equipment and be able to identify and use various shop equipment, warehouse equipment, power equipment, and cleaning equipment used in the electrical equipment reconditioning process.

Although work experience for Level I is only required if a candidate does not have a high school diploma or GED, it is recommended that Level I candidates have a minimum of one year of relevant industry experience working for a company that performs electrical equipment reconditioning as well as performing the Essential Duties listed below. Many candidates without the recommended experience have difficulty successfully completing the test.

Level II PEARL-Certified Technician

Eligibility Criteria for Taking the Level II Exam

The PEARL Level lI Certification is designed to measure competency at a Skilled or Journey level for more complex reconditioning tasks. Level ll technicians are expected to be able to work independently on either low-voltage electrical equipment performing comprehensive duties. Certificate candidates should be familiar with the basic mechanical and electrical principles and duties listed in the Level ll PEARL Technician section of this handbook.

Work Experience

The work experience and education and training requirements of the PEARL Technician Certification Program are as outlined below:

Education and Training

  • Level I:   High School/GED
  • Level II: Safety: 20 hours – Electrical: 40 hours
  • Level III: Safety: 24 hours additional – Electrical: 40 hours additional
  • Level IV: Safety: 24 hours additional – Electrical: 40 hours additional

Related Work Experience

Completion of two or more years of technical education in an electrical field shall be equivalent to a maximum of one year of work experience.

  • Level I:   None (unless unable to meet the Education Requirement)
  • Level II: Two Years
  • Level III: Five Years
  • Level IV: Ten Years