The ANSI/PEARL Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standard pertains to the reconditioning of electrical distribution equipment and accessories. The term ‘reconditioning’ is defined as “the process of returning electrical equipment to a safe operating condition as recommended by the original equipment manufacturer’s instructions or industry standards and tested by recognized industrial testing standards.”

This standard has been developed based on manufacturer’s literature; industrial standards; NETA, NFPA, CSA, IEEE and NEMA, and PEARL member recommendations. It is focused on the most common types of industrial and commercial electrical equipment, including circuit breakers, transformers, motor controls, and switchgear, among other equipment categories.

It also includes additional detail regarding suggested technician qualifications and the importance of manufacturer specifications for equipment performance, as well as expanded use of electrical industry terminology used by other electrical industry organizations, including IEEE and NETA.

How To Use The Standard

Electrical devices that pass the PEARL Reconditioning Standard are then ready for installation and service and will benefit from extended service life and reliability.

PEARL member companies affix the blue PEARL Reconditioned Seal to electrical equipment that has passed the PEARL Reconditioning Standard.

The standard is now available to order. Members and non-members have the option to purchase the standard in either a downloadable PDF version or in booklet form.  Both formats are now available for shipment/email delivery (PDF).

Members can purchase the electronic version for $99 or hardcopy for $109.

Non-Members can purchase the electronic version for $299 or hardcopy for $309.

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The ANSI/PEARL Standard is made up of 16 sections, each focused on various types of electrical equipment ranging from switches and circuit breakers to panel boards, transformers, motor controls, protection relays and more. The standard provides in detail the procedures that are recommended to recondition electrical equipment so that it is ready for reuse.

ANSI/PEARL Standard Table of Contents


1000                     General Information
1100                     Disconnect Switches 600 Volts & Below
1200                     Circuit Breakers 600 Volts & Below
1300                     Panelboards, Switchboards & Switchgears 600 Volts & Below
1400                     Transformers 600 Volts & Below
1500                     Motor Control 600 Volts & Below
1700      `             Protection Relays
1800                     Contactors and Relays 600 Volts & Below
1900                     Apparatus Accessories
2000                     Busway and Bus Duct 600 Volts & Below
2100                     Disconnect Switches 2.4-38k Volts
2200                     Circuit Breakers 2.4-38k Volts
2300                     Switchgear 2.4-38k Volts
2400                     Transformer 2.4-38k Volts
2500                     Motor Control 2.4-38k Volts
3100                     Fuses 2.4-38k Volts