PEARL’s Inspect and Test Standard provides inspection, cleaning, testing, and documentation instructions and guidelines that when followed by trained technicians will provide evidence that an electrical device is free of inherent flaws or faults. It will assist in:


Indication of Damage

It is intended to indicate that the equipment or device in its present state shows no indication of damage and tests satisfactorily to manufacturer or industry operational specifications.


Access Condition

It may be used to assess the condition of any product covered in the Inspect and Test standard whether the product is new, unused, has been in service, or whether it is or is not eligible for standard reconditioning work scope.


Inspection Guideline

For maintenance professionals this standard may serve as a shop or field inspection guideline for material already in service as it may aide in predicting and averting future failures and by calling attention to elements of the equipment or device that fail during testing.


How To Use The Standard

PEARL member companies affix the green PEARL Inspected & Tested Seal to electrical equipment that has passed the PEARL Inspect & Test Standards.