How it Works & FAQ

How It Works


Register Online

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The Primary Training Contact for your company fills out the Technician Confirmation Form.


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A confirmation email is sent to your email with course access instructions.

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Complete and pass all of your training modules for your level.

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Take the exam.

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Upon passing your exam, you will receive your certificate.*

*Level 1: your supervisor will authenticate your exam results.

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Enrollment Questions

Yes, simply contact Tom Baselice ([email protected]) and provide the name and email address for each candidate. These candidates will be manually registered, and an invoice will be generated. The invoice is due upon receipt.

No, a PayPal account is not necessary. PayPal serves as the credit card processing platform, and other credit cards are accepted on their platform.

Certification at any level does not expire and remains valid as long as the technician is employed by a PEARL Accredited Company (PAC). A $75 fee is billed annually to the PAC.

Qualification Questions

Click here > to see the technician profile with qualification requirements.

No, this training can be obtained from other sources or through in-house training on the subjects.

Yes.  Your PTC (Primary Training Coordinator) for your company needs to complete a short form indicating that you are qualified to enroll in the program for each level.  The PTC can find the forms at this link.  Form must be completed before the candidate sits for the exam.

Online Training Questions

Yes, the coursework is required and essential to pass the exam for each level.  Should the technician not obtain a passing grade on the training modules, the course may be reset by contacting TTG with the course name.

Exam Questions

The Level 2 and Level 3 in-person exams are administered quarterly. The dates, times, and locations are announced via email and on social media. The exams will be available each year at the PEARL Conference & Exhibition. The exams are also available with a virtual proctor. This can be arranged once the course work is completed.

Yes, here is a link to register for the 2024 Conference.  Note:  to sit for the exam you must also register to take the training at the TTG/PEARL LMS site.  Click here to visit.

Upon completing the required coursework, a mutually agreed upon time is established. The online exam will then be loaded into the candidate’s TTG/PEARL LMS. It will appear as a course. The exam consists of 50 questions, and once entered, the candidate will have 120 minutes to complete it. This is non-proctored. The PEARL Code of Ethics applies. No notes are allowed. A regular calculator is permitted. If a passing grade is obtained, a certificate will be issued. If the candidate does not receive a passing grade, a total of three attempts is permitted. It is strongly suggested that the candidate reschedule the exam and review the coursework before retaking the exam.

The Level 2 and Level 3 exams are administered online. You will need the following:

Essential items to bring:

  1. A laptop with a camera and microphone for testing.
  2. Legal identification.
  3. Writing utensils (pencils or pens).
  4. Optional standard calculator (no scientific calculators are not allowed).
  5. Cell phones must be turned off and stored during the exam.

Additional information:

  • Please ensure your arrival in time to complete the testing by the designated time window.
  • Proctoring will be conducted in-person. Zoom proctoring may be used.
  • All testing will be executed via your laptop. WiFi connectivity will be provided at the venue.
  • Any notes or scratch paper used during the test will be collected upon completion.


Primary Training Contact (PTC)

The PTC acts as a liaison between PEARL and the technician. The PTC is responsible for:
  • Confirming that the Technician Candidate meets all the criteria required to enter the program for each specific level.  This includes completing the Confirmation Form shown in Step 2.
  • Keeping track of each technician’s progress and help coordinate arrangements for the final exams.
  • Annual verification of technician’s continued employment at your PEARL Accredited Company.
Lastly, the PTC may be asked to be a Proctor for Exams administered via Zoom.