PEARL Standards

PEARL has created two distinct sets of electrical standards for servicing various types of electrical equipment: Inspect & Test Standards and Reconditioning Standards. Each set of standards was reviewed by third party engineers, based on OEM manuals, as well as industry accepted best practices, and existing internationally-accepted electrical standards.



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Certification Programs

Through its Technician Certification program, PEARL provides individuals the opportunity to become recognized as a Certified Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Technician. A Certified Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Technician is an individual who inspects, tests, evaluates and reconditions electrical equipment to ensure it will perform safely and reliably when returned to service.


PEARL Member Directory

There are four classes of membership in PEARL: Full Dealer Members; Full Service Members; Associate Members; and Affiliate Members. Access PEARL Members by


PEARL 2019 Annual Conference

PEARL’s Annual Conference brings the electrical reconditioning industry together to network, to participate in workshops and training, and to hear from industry leaders. The conference is open to both PEARL members and non-members.