Train. Test. Certify.

The PEARL Certified Technician Program offers PEARL Accredited Companies a comprehensive certification that ensures technicians are trained to the highest level of quality, safety, and reliability for reconditioned electrical equipment, reducing risks and promoting efficiency.

By participating in the program, technicians gain access to industry-leading training, robust educational resources, and a community of experts dedicated to safety and excellence. The program is designed to elevate industry standards, promoting best practices and ethical conduct.

PEARL Technician Certification Level 1

Level 1 Technician

To support preparing technicians to achieve Level 1 certification basic courses must be taken. These pre-requisite modules are presented in an interactive on-line process.  The modules include technician safety, component evaluation and basic electrical product courses. The training is designed to supplement the technician’s knowledge, skills and abilities required for an entry level PEARL technician. Quiz assessments are integrated throughout to help the technician prepare for the final exam.


+High school/GED certificate

+Primary Training Contact approval with confirmation notice

PEARL Technician Certification Level 2

Level 2 Technician

As the technician progresses to Level 2, the courses are geared toward refining the essential duties necessary. These courses include test equipment, insulation basics and more complicated electrical products. References are made to the PEARL standards (EERS & EEITS) so that the technician will know the proper section to match the equipment being worked on. The coursework also has an emphasis on selecting the proper test equipment. More complicated quiz assessments are integrated to ready the candidate for the Level 2 exam.


+Level 1 certification

+2 years work experience

+20 hours safety training

+40 hours electrical training

+Primary Training Contact approval with confirmation notice

PEARL Technician Certification Level 3

Level 3 Technician

The coursework to prepare for Level 3 is designed to help prepare the technician for a lead role. The training will focus on management/supervisory skills needed to maintain a safe work environment. Counterfeiting concerns are emphasized.  PEARL EERS & EEITS standards are directed toward the various electrical equipment encountered. Interactive wiring diagrams and drawings aid in the candidate’s ability to understand how the equipment operates. The training provides quiz assessments through each part and prepares the candidate for the Level 3 exam.


+Level 2 certification

+5 years work experience

+24 hours of safety training in addition to the 20 hours required for Level 2

+Primary Training Contact approval with confirmation notice


Pricing for the Training & Exam

Level 1
$ 500*
Certification Annual Renewal Fee - $75
Certification Reactivation Fee (if within 1 year of due date) - $125
Retake Fee (after 2 failed attempts) - $225
Level 2
$ 600*
Certification Annual Renewal Fee - $75
Certification Reactivation Fee (if within 1 year of due date) - $125
Retake Fee (after 2 failed attempts) - $325
Level 3
$ 800*
Certification Annual Renewal Fee - $75
Certification Reactivation Fee (if within 1 year of due date) - $125
Retake Fee (after 2 failed attempts) - $425

*Includes the online training course and exam plus two exam retakes.

PEARL Technician Certification Program

Discover the advantages of PEARL’s Technician Certification Program and how it can help your business growth while extending great professional development opportunities for your employees. Certification is available to Full Dealer and Full Service Members of PEARL.

For Companies

  • Ensure reconditioned equipment is in compliance with the 2017 ANSI/PEARL Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standard.
  • Improve employee morale and help reduce turnover.
  • Help to decrease accidents and associated costs.
  • Reduce warranty claims and improve your bottom line.
  • Help your company gain a marketable edge and elevated status within the industry.

For Technicians

  • Opens new career opportunities within your company.
  • Represents the next step in career growth and professional development.
  • Provides a sense of professional fulfillment.
  • Garners respect from peers.

About the Exam

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All certification exams are designed to test knowledge and skills required to perform essential duties with minimal acceptable competence. All research was conducted under the guidance of the Employee Development Committee and PEARL staff. All test questions are designed to measure at least one area of knowledge or skill that is required to perform an essential task.

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All PEARL exams are given in a test format utilizing a variety of exam question types. The following are question formats used in the exam: multiple choice, multiple response, pull-down list, fill in the blank, matching, hotspot, drag and drop, and ranking formats. Questions may have one, two or three correct answers. The exam does not utilize essay, true/false, or yes/no questions. These objective formats allow for a greater coverage in content for a given amount of testing time and improve competency, measurement, and reliability. The Level 1 exam is an online, non-proctored exam that is certified by the technician’s supervisor. The Level 2 & 3 exams can be taken in-person or via a virtual proctor.

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Exam Content Areas (ECAs) contain a knowledge or skill that is required to perform the essential duties for that specific level. These duties are outlined in the Technician Certification Handbook for each level. All of the ECAs contain important knowledge and skills required when performing the essential duties of an electrical equipment reconditioning technician. However, the test designers felt that some content areas were of higher importance, thus, not all of the content areas are equally weighted on the exam.