Membership in PEARL is reserved for qualified electrical equipment reconditioners, vendors and associates. PEARL members are committed to the safe reconditioning of electrical equipment that has previously been in service.

  • PEARL members contribute to the sustainability of the nation’s infrastructure through uniting suppliers to ensure that trusted equipment is delivered to facilities in need and as quickly as possible.
  • PEARL members provide safe, reconditioned equipment that can be used to effectively recover from a catastrophe, be it equipment failure, electrical outages, or natural disasters.
  • PEARL is an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer.

TRUSTED: PEARL has two distinct sets of electrical standards for servicing various types of electrical equipment. Each standard was created for a specific purpose, reviewed by third party engineers, and based on the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) operating and repair manuals, as well as industry accepted best practices, and existing internationally-accepted electrical standards.

SAFE: Reconditioned electrical equipment bearing the PEARL Seal guarantees products have been 100% tested to comply with original specifications. PEARL members are required to meet strict technical, safety and operational guidelines.

NOW: An unexpected outage can severely impact a business and its operations leading to a potential loss of revenue. In an emergency, PEARL members offer safe, reconditioned equipment that can be used quickly and effectively to accelerate recovery from unplanned outages.

Why Join?

  • Peer to Peer Collaboration: PEARL member companies participate in a larger organization that provides industry resources, professional development, and networking opportunities. Companies connected through PEARL work together, helping to foster focus, discipline and accountability through observing established industry best practices. Through a solutions-driven framework of knowledge-sharing and mutual respect, PEARL members demonstrate value for their workforce, high regard for their competitors and deference to the industry as a whole. PEARL members represent industry leadership, strength and knowledge.
  • PEARL Sets High Standards: PEARL has created two distinct ANSI accredited sets of electrical standards for servicing various types of electrical equipment. First is the PEARL Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standard for Electrical Apparatus and Equipment used in Commercial and Industrial Applications. Second is the Inspect and Test Standard providing inspection, cleaning, testing, and documentation that, when followed by trained technicians, provides evidence that an electrical device is free of inherent flaws or faults.
  • Elevating the Industry with Technician Certification: PEARL provides opportunities for staff from member companies to become Certified Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Technicians. PEARL certified technicians are intimately involved in equipment reconditioning and understand it on a deep level. Whether your technicians work solely on reconditioning equipment or if they’re out in the field installing reconditioned equipment, it’s this deep understanding that gives staff the conviction of their skills with knowledge certainty, confidence and assurance. Through a combination of years of practical, hands-on experience, training, and successful completion of an online certification exam, individuals obtaining certification through PEARL will have demonstrated their ability to perform specific reconditioning tasks by virtue of their technical knowledge and experience.
  • Access to Extensive Inventory: PEARL member companies represent a wide variety of electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, transformers, switchgears, substations, fuses, conduit, motor controls, etc. For those looking to buy or sell reconditioned equipment, connecting through the PEARL Link provides opportunities for members to represent their equipment and to gain more business.