1. PEARL has established policies, procedures, and fees that govern certification decisions, the uses of certification, and interactions with applicants and certificants. These policies, procedures, and fees may be changed by PEARL at any time without prior notification. Each person who signs any PEARL application accepts and agrees to follow these policies and procedures in all dealings with PEARL.
  2. Each PEARL certification may have multiple criteria that must be met by a candidate in order for the certification to be conferred. These criteria may be changed by PEARL at any time without prior notification. Individuals who are not resident in, or working in, the United States, Canada, or U.S. territories may not be eligible for certification. These individuals must contact PEARL before applying and may be required to follow additional procedures, with additional fees, to demonstrate they meet the criteria.
  3. All applicants and certificants must comply with the PEARL Code of Ethics and follow generally accepted ethical practices at all times. For example, acquiring and/or providing specific knowledge of test questions prior to testing, or acquiring or providing assistance during an examination; intentionally providing information to PEARL that is incomplete or inaccurate; or knowingly providing technical services in an unsafe, inaccurate, or unprofessional manner may be cause for denial, suspension, or revocation of certification.
  4. PEARL reserves the right to deny, suspend, or revoke any certification (pending or awarded) should the association determine that an applicant or certificant has misrepresented information, violated a PEARL policy or procedure, or violated the PEARL Code of Ethics.
  5. Maintenance of current accurate contact information is the responsibility of the applicant. PEARL requires accurate contact information to communicate to the applicant important information related to testing, certification, and renewal.
  6. The PEARL name, logo, and certification mark are the property of PEARL and may not be used without the expressed written permission of PEARL.
  7. PEARL approval letters and certificates are issued to certificants for their use but remain PEARL property at all times and may be recalled by the association at any time without prior notification.
  8. PEARL test questions and examinations are the property of PEARL. Any copying, sharing, or distribution of the content of those test questions and/or examinations will be cause for denial, suspension, or revocation of certification.
  9. Each person who completes a PEARL application grants PEARL the right to contact individuals named in the application to confirm the accuracy of information provided by the applicant.
  10. PEARL certification must be used, represented, and displayed in accordance with PEARL policies.
  11. Each person who is certified by PEARL grants PEARL the right to provide that information to others in response to bona fide inquiries. Test scores will be given to the test-taker only, unless the test-taker submits a release form authorizing PEARL to give the scores to another specified individual.
  12. All certifications expire three years after an individual’s initial certification is awarded and every third year after renewal. Certification renewal will be based on the certificant’s activities during that three-year period.
  13. To cancel your application you must submit a signed written request (a letter or email stating you wish to cancel your application) to PEARL. A full refund, less a $75 administrative fee, will be sent within four (4) weeks after the scheduled date.
  14. Certification payment is required with an individual’s application. If a certificant’s application is denied by PEARL, PEARL will reimburse a full refund, less a $75 administration fee, within four (4) weeks after the scheduled date.