The PEARL Technician Certification program was created to offer multilevel technical certification for individuals employed in the reconditioned electrical equipment field. Exams are designed by vocational specialists through four levels of practice, ranging from the entry level technician (Level I) to the supervisory technician (Level IV). Levels II, III, and IV are defined in terms of general experience in the electrical equipment reconditioning business and the complexity of the equipment they perform work on. The certification design committee developed a general delineation of the levels of certification that are presented below.

Level I

Level I technicians can work safely in a shop environment and around de-energized electrical power equipment, recognize and have basic understanding of the PEARL reconditioning standards; and are able to identify various types of electrical apparatus, shop equipment, warehouse equipment, test and measurement equipment, and cleaning equipment used in the electrical equipment reconditioning process under the supervision of a higher-level technician.

Level II

Level II technicians can work independently; and inspect, test, and perform reconditioning procedures, following PEARL and other industry standards, on a wide range of electrical power equipment, and accurately interpret equipment drawings, specifications, and electrical schematics, at the component level, as it relates to the PEARL reconditioning standards.

Level III

Level III technicians can supervise Level I and II technicians; conduct and oversee large equipment reconditioning projects; are able to work safely in the field around energized electrical equipment; develop equipment test plans and analyze test results; plan and lead jobs; evaluate shop safety plans; and provide training to others.

Level IV

Level IV technicians can manage multiple individuals and projects; conduct complex metering and protection projects; make recommendations on power system diagnostic testing and corrective action; and evaluate electrical equipment modifications and upgrades for adherence to PEARL and industry standards.