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From Cradle to Grave: How to Plan For the Full Life Cycle of Your Electrical Equipment

Most often when designing a new electrical system, it is based on the needs and desires of the system right at that moment and does not consider the full potential life cycle of the equipment, which can be upwards of 50 years.  This presentation will include some lessons learned when updating an industrial facility that was built over 50 years ago.  Initial procurement decisions will be reviewed such as product lifespan for the equipment being considered for purchase, accessibility, and availability of replacement parts, how easy will it be to remove at the end of its life cycle, and how future loads might be factored.  Maintenance decisions will be discussed that assist in identifying equipment with a higher probability of failure.  Other maintenance discussions include proper maintenance cycles, key trending data that can be observed and what type of failures can be avoided.


Paul Jesson

Paul Jesson is a Project Engineer for Potomac Testing, located in Crofton, MD. In this role, Paul supports clients by offering a broad range of electrical maintenance testing services, along with solutions and upgrades. Typical services offered include modernization, retrofits, emergency services, expansions, and replacements to legacy/aging electrical distribution equipment and infrastructure.

Paul has over 25 years of industry experience and has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson University. He is the PEARL Board Secretary.

Kevin Maynard

Kevin Maynard PE is the Engineering Manager for Potomac Testing.  Kevin has seen electrical hazards from the person in the filed as a NETA technician to the engineering and design side as a power systems engineer.  Kevin is the technical project manager on a system wide upgrade of an industrial facility that covers the Medium voltage incoming equipment down to the 120/208V panel boards.  Kevin is a published author in both IEEE and NETA publications.  Kevin is a licensed Professional Engineer in 8 states and has been appointed as the electrical engineer to the build codes review panel advisory board in Pennsylvania.

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