2023 Certified Technicians

Congratulations 2023 PEARL Certified Technicians

Level 1

Luis Arambula, Saber Power

Brent Berger, The Electric Barn

Joshua Bowles, Southland Electrical

Rian Campbell, Oregon Breakers

Aman Chauhan, RS Breakers & Controls

Kyle Clark, Shermco

Richard Diankulu Donfusu, RS Breakers & Controls

Miguel Flores, BCS Switchgear

Jorge Gallardo, Saber Power

Mario Garcia, RG Industries

Dale Huerd, Oregon Breaker

Brhane Kahsay, RS Breakers & Controls

Diana Maldonado, IPS

Mike Mertens, CAMCO

Patrick Murphy, Oregon Breaker

John Ostrosky, CAMCO

Kenneth Owens, Saber Power

Jim Parmer, Shermco

Tyler Peterson,

David Rader, Saber Power

Christopher Reddoch, Saber Power

Bob Rummel, CAMCO

Jack Saucier, Shermco

Brianna Shafer, Bodine Electric

Jeff Shevock, CAMCO

Arshbir Singh, RS Breakers & Controls

David Slay, Saber Power

David Souliere, The Electric Barn

Pterie Taitano, Oregon Breaker

Nicholas Yaws, Brilliant Electric

Level 2

James Carr, Oregon Breaker

Clay Conard, Shermco

Adam Dahl, Shermco

Andrew Kappmeyer, Shermco

Lucas Kohlhase, The Electric Barn

Nick Milstead, Shermco

James Munson, Monster Electrical

David Roman, The Motor Control Center

Jon Vogel, Carolina Precision Switchgear

Joseph Wilson, BCS Switchgear

Nicholas Yaws, Brilliant Electric

Level 3

Michele Anselmetti, Miami Breaker

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