The PEARL Link is your one-click connection to PEARL member companies. Connecting directly through the Link helps you buy or sell electrical equipment with PEARL member companies.

PEARL member companies buy and sell a wide variety of electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, substations, fuses, conduit, motor controls, etc.

  • Do you have a requirement for a renewal part, component or assembly?
  • Need to replace a defective circuit breaker, transformer, fuse, or other electrical equipment or apparatus?
  • Or maybe you have excessive electrical equipment, new, surplus or used, that you’d like to sell.

If you’d like to obtain pricing for items you’d like to buy or sell, please complete and submit the PEARL Link form below. PEARL members that are interested will respond to you directly.

PEARL members wishing to review all requests submitted to the buy/sell program need to click here to login to the member community area and visit the PEARL Link Buy/Sell Program group. Follow this group to receive daily updates of all submissions.