Jason Bader

Jason Bader

Principal | The Distribution Team

Jason Bader is the principal of The Distribution Team. The Distribution Team specializes in providing strategic business coaching, inventory management training and technology utilization to the wholesale distribution industry. Jason brings over 40 years of experience working in the distribution field. He has overseen various operational teams, managed small and large facilities, and served in an executive management capacity for the last 10 years of his distribution career.

Prior to joining The Distribution Team, he spent four years on the board of directors with STAFDA, the Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributor Association. In his final year, he was given the honor of being the youngest president in the association’s 26 year history.

Jason is a graduate of the University of Oregon and has held many different teaching and coaching positions throughout his life. Upon graduation, he spent a year in Japan teaching English to corporate clients such as Bankers Trust, Teac Corporation and Nippon Television. This opportunity strengthened his passion for teaching.

Jason finds himself in the unique position of being a true practitioner turned educator. He focuses his speaking engagements on practical experience. He often draws from real experience as a way to teach his audience how to overcome challenges in the wholesale distribution industry. Jason is the host of the weekly podcast Distribution Talk, and he is a regular speaker at distribution events throughout North America. He is also featured contributor to several trade publications, such as The Wholesaler, Construction Supply, Industrial Supply, FEDA News & Views, The American Fastener Journal and Today’s Electrical Distributor.

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