PEARL has created two distinct sets of electrical standards for servicing various types of electrical equipment. Each set of electrical standard was created for a specific purpose, reviewed by third party engineers, and based on the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) operating and repair manuals, as well as industry accepted best practices, and existing internationally-accepted electrical standard.

PEARL Reconditioning Standard

PEARL announced the release of Revision 6 of the association’s Reconditioning Standard (February 24, 2016) for the most common types of industrial and commercial electrical equipment, including circuit breakers, transformers, motor controls, and switchgear, among other equipment categories. Click here for details about Revision 6.

PEARL’s Reconditioning Standard purpose is to provide inspection, cleaning, reconditioning, testing and documentation instructions that, when followed by trained technicians, will return electrical devices to “as good as new” condition without compromise.

Electrical devices that pass the PEARL Reconditioning Standard are then ready for installation and service and will benefit from extended service life and reliability.

PEARL member companies affix the blue PEARL Reconditioned Seal to electrical equipment that has passed the PEARL Reconditioning Standard.

Click here for more information about PEARL’s Reconditioning Standard.

PEARL Inspect & Test Standard

PEARL Inspect and Test Standard provides inspection, cleaning, testing, and documentation instructions and guidelines that when followed by trained technicians will provide evidence that an electrical device is free of inherent flaws or faults.

It is appropriate to use this standard to confirm the product is a good candidate for full reconditioning. The PEARL Inspect and Test Standard is neither a reconditioning standard, nor does it promise extended service life or improve reliability. It is intended to indicate that the equipment or device in its present state shows no indication of damage and tests satisfactorily to manufacturer or industry operational specifications.

PEARL member companies affix the green PEARL Inspected & Tested Seal to electrical equipment that has passed the PEARL Inspect & Test Standards.

Click here for more information about the PEARL Inspect & Test Standard.