Q: Who is PEARL?
A: PEARL is a membership organization consisting of companies serving the electrical and associated industries that develop technical standards pertaining to the reconditioning of a wide variety of common electrical products used in commercial and industrial applications.

Q: Where is PEARL based?
A: PEARL is headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, but has members located across the U.S. and Canada.

Q: What are the requirements for PEARL membership?
A: PEARL has five membership categories: Dealer Member, Service Member, Provisional Member, Alliance Partner and Supply Chain Partner. Dealer, Service, and Provisional members have specific requirements, which can be found here. Requirements for membership are determined in part by inventory levels, insurance, electrical test equipment, and technical skills, all of which must be demonstrated during an on-site inspection.

Q: How do I find your members?
A: PEARL members are located across North America. PEARL’s website includes information about individual members, their level of membership, and their geographic location.

Q: Are all products sold by PEARL members certified to PEARL Standards?
A: No. Only products bearing a blue PEARL Seal with a unique identification number is certified to PEARL’s Reconditioning Standards. Only voting members of PEARL that have passed an independent site inspection have access to the blue PEARL Reconditioning Seals. Electrical apparatus bearing a blue PEARL Seal with a unique identification number means that apparatus has been fully reconditioned by a qualified PEARL member company following PEARL Reconditioning Standards. This guarantees that the device performs to specifications set by the OEM during original manufacture. PEARL companies may sell new, surplus, or used electrical equipment, any of which may or may not have been fully reconditioned based on the customer’s request. This is why customers should look for product bearing PEARL Seals so they know the device will operate exactly as designed, regardless of whether the device was ever previously placed into service.

Q: Why are PEARL Certified products more expensive?
A: Electrical apparatus bearing the PEARL Seal indicates that the device has been fully tested on calibrated test equipment by trained technicians to guarantee that it complies with OEM design specifications set during original manufacture. OEMs do not test every apparatus during manufacture because of the additional cost they would incur to test 100% of their product. A product bearing the PEARL Seal guarantees that the product has been 100% tested to comply with original specifications, which adds additional cost to the apparatus, but guarantees that the apparatus will safely work as designed. In the cases of electrical devices that have been discontinued, stored on warehouse shelves, or have long lead times, equipment bearing the PEARL Seal represent the fastest, cost-competitive, and safest avenue for getting industrial and commercial electrical service up and running.