First PEARL Level 3 Certified Technician Announced

We are thrilled to spotlight Michele Anselmetti from Miami Breakers for being the first to achieve the prestigious PEARL Level 3 Certified Technician status. Michele shared his journey and insights about the PEARL Level 3 Technician Certification Program with us.

Did you find the training to be helpful to prepare for the exam? If so, how? 

Yes, the training program was immensely helpful in preparing for the Level 3 exam. It proved an essential learning material, which allowed me to build a strong foundation in the subject matter, especially considering how ample the subjects are. Additionally, the program often included practice exams and assessments, which were invaluable in identifying areas where I needed further study.

As I delved into the various subjects covered by the test, I realized that it’s much more than just a simple exam, case in point fuses, never had any idea there were so many types of them, depending on your background you have you will find that some areas are not your forte, Therefore, if you find that certain areas are not your strong suit, be prepared to invest extra effort and focused study in those areas.

Any advice for other technicians that plan to enroll in the Level 3 program?

Take full advantage of the training materials and resources provided in the program. Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial when preparing for a Level 3 exam, as it can be challenging. A positive mindset can make a significant difference in your success.

Program Overview:

Understanding the Role of a Level 3 Technician:

Level 3 technicians are equipped to supervise Level I and II technicians, manage large equipment refurbishment projects, safely work around live electrical equipment, create equipment testing plans, analyze test results, lead jobs, evaluate shop safety plans, and provide training to others.

Training Content:

The training for Level 3 is designed to prepare technicians for leadership roles, focusing on managerial and supervisory skills. It also addresses counterfeit-related issues, ensuring technicians are well-versed in this area. The curriculum adheres to the PEARL EERS & EEITS standards, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the various types of electrical equipment technicians might encounter.

Training and Examination Process:

Upon registering for the exam, technicians receive an email with course access instructions. This self-paced program allows technicians to log in and access the course at their convenience. Four Level 3 training modules need to be completed before taking the proctored exam. The exam is available throughout the year at various locations and annually at the PEARL Conference & Exhibition.

Discover more and access registration details by clicking here.

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