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PEARL Technician Certification Program

3 feet is the correct answer. 

The 4 to 1 rule is to enhance ladder stability and prevent accidents caused by ladders sliding or falling over while in use. When a ladder is set at the correct angle, it reduces the risk of the ladder tipping backward or away from the support structure, providing a safe and secure platform for the person using the ladder.”

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PEARL Technician Certification Level 1
PEARL Technician Certification Level 2
PEARL Technician Certification Level 3

The Technician Certification Program is available to PEARL Accredited Companies. Through a combination of years of practical, hands-on experience, training, and successful completion of an online training and certification exam, individuals obtaining certification through PEARL will have demonstrated their ability to perform specific reconditioning tasks by virtue of their technical knowledge and experience.

Registration is now open for Levels 1-3.

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