News, PEARLSAFE May 2022

Saber Power Field Services Earns Full Service Member Status

Saber Power Field Services LLC, a subsidiary of Saber Power Services LLC, recently became a full-service member of The Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL), demonstrating adherence to the PEARL Reconditioning Standards and passing the on-site inspection for quality and safety.

Saber Power Field Services is a NETA Accredited Company offering expertise in electrical circuit breaker upgrades, circuit breaker replacements, and retrofitting for electric utility, petrochemical, municipal, industrial/commercial, renewable, and oil and gas companies in the Gulf, U.S. and abroad.

Their dedicated Breaker Shops are state-of-the-art facilities in Houston and Alvarado, Texas, with expert electrical technicians who have years of industry-leading experience with equipment from all major manufacturers and their service requirements.

In addition to product inventory available for purchase, Saber services circuit breakers on-site with its Mobile Circuit Breaker Repair Shop. Ideal for staging at turnarounds and outages, the 53-foot mobile unit reduces downtime and eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming transportation of company-owned equipment to third-party locations. With multiple full-service workstations fully equipped to provide maintenance, repairs, and upgrades on-site, the Saber Power Field Services Mobile Circuit Breaker Repair Shop offers services on low to medium voltage circuit breakers, medium voltage contactors, starters, and motor centers, regardless of the manufacturer.

“Saber Power Field Services recognizes PEARL’s outstanding efforts to promote safe reconditioning and remanufacturing practices and is excited to join the ranks of other leading companies to further the goodwill of PEARL and its mission,” said Brad Bodine, Saber Power Field Services Director.

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