Reconditioning: The Ultimate Form of Recycling

Reuse, reconditioning, and remanufacturing use a fraction of the energy of new production, keep millions of tons of waste from landfills every year, reduce raw material consumption, and create 3 to 5 times more skilled jobs than automated production lines.

The world is overlooking a simple answer to many of our global economic, socio-political, and environmen- tal concerns: Reuse it, stupid.

Electrical Safety, Reliability, Sustainability

PEARL Standards Bring Safety, Reliability to Secondary Electrical Distribution Channel

Electrical equipment, like automobiles and industrial machinery, are designed to last decades. However, like other durable goods, electrical equipment can be dangerous to the inexperienced — whether it is new or used product. The confluence of these two facts means that product safety — not just availability — is critical to a healthy electrical marketplace.