PEARL Technician Certification Level 1

Level 1 Technician

Level I Technicians can work safely in a shop environment and around de-energized electrical power equipment. They recognize and have a basic understanding of the PEARL EERS 2018 Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standard. They are able to identify various types of electrical apparatus, shop equipment, warehouse equipment, test and measurement equipment, and cleaning equipment used in the electrical equipment reconditioning process under the supervision of a higher-level technician.


PEARL Technician Certification Level 2

Level 2 Technician

Level II Technicians can work independently. They can inspect, test, and perform reconditioning procedures, following PEARL and other industry standards, on a wide range of electrical power equipment. They can accurately interpret equipment drawings, specifications, and electrical schematics, at the component level, as it relates to the PEARL EERS 2018 Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standard.


Discover the advantages of PEARL’s Technician Certification Program and how it can help your business growth while extending great professional development opportunities for your employees. Certification is available to Dealer and Service Members of PEARL only.

For Companies

  • Ensure reconditioned equipment is in compliance with the 2017 ANSI/PEARL Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standard.
  • Improve employee morale and help reduce turnover.
  • Help to decrease accidents and associated costs.
  • Reduce warranty claims and improve your bottom line.
  • Help your company gain a marketable edge and elevated status within the industry.

For Technicians

  • Opens new career opportunities within your company.
  • Represents the next step in career growth and professional development.
  • Provides a sense of professional fulfillment.
  • Garners respect from peers.